Officials looking into removing wild horses from Theodore Roosevelt Nat’l Park

NORTH DAKOTA (KVRR) – The National Park Service is looking at three options for a livestock plan for wild horses at Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

They are to keep 35 to 60 horses and 12 cattle and capturing all wild horses and cattle within two years giving tribes the first opportunity to own them. The final option is to capture all horses in a phased approach, use contraception so horses can no longer give birth and keep them in the park and donate the cattle.

The National Park Service says this needs to be done to address impacts from the animals on landscape and natural resources and provide resiliency for native ecosystems during a changing climate.

Wild horse advocates believe reducing the herd from 185 horses to 60 would no longer make it viable.

“Part of their purpose is to recreate Theodore Roosevelt’s experience for visitors to the park and we know that the horses were absolutely part of the experience Theodore Roosevelt had when he was here,” Chasing Horses Wild Horse Advocates President Christine Kman said.

Click here to send your comments on the plan to the National Park Service, find more information and a link to a virtual meeting on the plan on January 12th.

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