Public shares concerns about moving horses & cattle from Theodore Roosevelt Nat’l Park

NORTH DAKOTA (KVRR) – The National Park Service takes questions from the public on its proposed livestock management plan with horses and cattle at Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

Federal officials want to create one because laws surrounding the park don’t address livestock. They also want to continue a natural ecosystem and horses and cattle can take resources from wildlife like bison and elk.

People are concerned about the horses safety if they’re rounded up. Park officials say they will be dealt with humanely and given to tribes and non-profits before the public.

“We are charged to paying tribute to Theodore Roosevelt’s conservation legacy, not his ranching legacy. His conservation legacy grew from a desire to protect and preserve land and ecosystems as close to their natural state as possible before the impacts of colonization,” Theodore Roosevelt National Park Superintendent Angie Richman said.

Plans being considered include keeping 35 to 60 horses and 12 cattle, capturing all wild horses and cattle within two years and capturing all horses in a phased approach, use contraception so horses can no longer give birth and keep them in the park and donate the cattle.

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