“Name a Snowplow” contest voting begins in Minnesota

MINNESOTA (KVRR) — New names for eight snowplows across Minnesota are up for grabs.

More than 10,000 names were suggested, but the number of names got narrowed down to sixty.

The activity is enjoyable, but choosing your names this year may be more difficult.

“It’s just kinda a fun activity, we have a little more names to choose from this year. Last year, we had 50 names in our finalist list, this year there are 60. I’m already hearing from some folks, that it is harder to really pick a top eight. There are a lot of creative names this year to choose from.” says Anne Meyer, Spokesperson, MnDOT

Some of the creative names this year include Taylor Drift, Han Snowlo, and Scoop! There It Is.

The contest may be fun, but it helps remind drivers there is a person behind each snowplow.

“We have a lot of fun with this contest. But, we also hope it really helps folks personalize our snowplows a little bit more. There’s drivers behind each snowplow, if you can do your part to slow down, stay back, and pay more attention to our snowplows when they are at work, it really helps keep everybody safe on the roadways.” Meyer says

And the public had some great suggestions for names.

“I think a great name for a snowplow would be High Plains Drifter Lifter because we live in the Great Plains and it reminds me of that old Clint Eastwood movie, High Plains Drifter, and a snowplow does lift the drifts.” says Mike Brunelle, Visitor, West Acres

Voting for the contest is open until February 3rd with the winning names announced on February 6th.

We have the link to vote here.

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