National Poison Prevention Week & Keeping Your Family Safe

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — It’s National Poison Prevention Week and accidental poisoning is more common than you would think.

In order to keep your family safe the best measure would be to make sure your home is child proof.

This includes keeping things that could become poisonous out of reach or locked up.

Some examples of these items are personal care products, cleaning products, and medicine just to name a few.

Another big preventative action you can take is keeping things in their original packaging.

“Especially when little ones are younger they don’t have the problem solving skills that we do. So, limiting access to these objects can really limit the chance of them getting into these items,” said Melisa Hajdar, Community Life Educator at Sanford Safe Kids.

Sometimes there are no symptoms depending on what your child has ingested.

Make sure you always keep the poison control phone number handy and if you are ever in doubt call them or 911.

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