Xcel Energy is ready for storm outages

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — With the big storm approaching, Xcel Energy is preparing for what could happen if power is lost.

To prepare for any outages that could occur during or after the storm, Xcel Energy has brought in extra help from Minneapolis.

Crews are preparing by resting up for this weeks storm and have been training on its potential consequences.

With the heavy snow coming there could be a potential for outages all over our area.

“This is a significant snowstorm coming so we are prepared for the event. You know they are calling for up to 55, 60 mile per hour winds as well so in the event there’s outages we will be staffed and ready to go” says the Principal Manager of Xcel Energy, Tony Grindberg.

Also remember to keep snow away from gas lines outside of your house.

You can help Xcel Energy get a jump on power restoration by reporting outages on its mobile app.

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