Some Advice For Dealing With The Latest Snow Storm and Those In The Future

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — This area is used to a couple random blizzards into the spring but nothing compared to what is supposed to be coming.

With the amount of snow predicted to be 8-10 inches and the wind getting up to 60 miles per hour there are some steps your family needs to take to get ready for this storm.

First, your family should prepare for the storm by first stocking up on your essentials.

For example, before you know a storm is coming it is important to gather food and other family needs.

“Stock up on, you know, food and water if you’re low on your own personal groceries. It could be that this is a two day event where it’s hard to get around,” said Tony Grindberg with Xcel Energy.

The most important thing you can do for your home during a blizzard like this is to stormproof your home before the storm by clearing any gas lines of snow.

“We always recommend that you keep snow away from your gas lines around your house.”

Storm proofing your home also includes making sure you have a good shovel, a reliable backup source of power, and any other items you could use in case your power goes out.

“We’ve seen a lot of different things, mainly its been a lot of roof melt and ice melt, shovels, ice scrapers, things along those lines but we’re also seeing a lot of flashlights, batteries, and sump pumps, ” said Art Gallagher, store Manager at Burggraf’s Ace Hardware.

Another important thing to think about is keeping your roof clear of snow, especially when we are getting this wet heavy snow that could potentially collapse your roof or cause long term damage to your home.

“With all that weight and all that water there you get a melt during the day and a freeze at night which creates an ice damn and from then it makes it impossible for your roof to thaw.”

With this big storm likely to last more than one day it is important that everyone stays safe and stays prepared…. and together we can all hope this is the last storm of the season.


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