“Fed up and Fired Up Rally” at Fargo City Hall raises gun violence awareness

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — Moms Demand Action of Fargo-Moorhead host a Fed Up and Fired Up Rally in downtown Fargo.

Activists gathered outside Fargo City Hall on the traumatic impact gun violence has on children and what city officials and state legislators could do to keep kids safe.

The rally’s theme spreads awareness on how children exposed to gunfire affects their ability to grow and develop.

They want to address the epidemic of daily gun violence in communities.

A local teacher explains how a run, hide and fight drill works while a pediatrician calls gun violence a public health crisis.

“This is now the number one cause of kids dying in the United States. More than car accidents, more than cancer, more than any other cause. It’s important we pay attention and take care of our kids. It’s time for everyone to make their voices heard. For all those kids who don’t have a voice anymore that was taken away by a bullet,” said Dr. Christopher Tiongson.

Organizers say they’re disappointed in the North Dakota legislature for not taking more of a stand against gun violence.

They urged activists to call their local representatives to demand action.

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