Cass County Sheriff’s Office prepares for overland flooding

The Cass County Sheriff's Office is shifting into high gear as officials prepare to handle overland flooding.


CASS COUNTY, N.D. (KVRR) — The Cass County Sheriff’s Office says they want to make sure they are prepared in case anyone needs emergency services to their property or if they need help getting resources to fight the flood.

Sheriff Jahner says they expect to see more flooding in rural areas of Cass County including some areas of Harwood.

“Certainly, we would want people in the city of Fargo and West Fargo to be vigilant and just kind of monitor things. We feel like we’re probably going to have a few more issues out in the county just based on the fact that we tend to see a lot more overland flooding out there. There’s not as many flood protection measures in place in those areas. So, that’s where we’re projecting to see some of those issues,” Sheriff Jahner said.

In Moorhead, Clay County Sheriff Mark Empting says water levels seem to be receding in the north part of the city.

“The melt is a little bit different over there. They’ve already experienced a number of flooding events, I think, on roadways that have been washed out. We’re just kind of starting to see ours. I think theirs is subsiding a little bit from the stuff that they saw already,” says Sheriff Jahner.

Jahner says he’s not sure if the snow melts quicker there or because of the river flow.

He encourages people to stay off any roads with running water.

“We’ve responded to a few residents that found themselves in bad situations where water has come up real quick. It’s very hard to predict where those areas are going to happen because we still have a lot of snow in the ditches and that can sometimes hinder the flow of water and change directions. We just want people to be cognizant, if they have water on the residence that they are monitoring that,” said Sheriff Jahner.

Sheriff Jahner encourages people to dial 9-1-1 if they are experiencing a bad situation out on the roads or at home.

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