LIVE: Make Your Own Compost Tumbler

We're tumbling into Earth Week with all sorts of great ideas.

The environmental and recreation group River Keepers is bringing you the scoop on how to make spring even greener this time around.

And you can do it by turning your kitchen garbage into gardening gold.

They’re holding a workshop to teach you how to build your own compost tumbler.

Composting is a great way to add a nutrient-rich soil-like substance to your landscaping, fruit and veggie plants for better growth and bigger yields.

It doesn’t just improve the soil quality in your yard, though.

It’s also a great way to keep waste out of the landfill, and out of waterways like the Red River.

The workshop includes supplies like a 55-gallon drum, and Cass and Clay counties are offering to partially reimburse the workshop fee for residents.

If you decide to compost your kitchen scraps, make sure you don’t add meat, bones or dairy products to the mix.

And if you’re looking for more details on the composting process, or on any of the other workshops River Keepers has coming up, don’t forget to check out this link as well as their full lineup of Earth Week events, here: