Harwood Prepares for Potentially record-breaking river levels on Sheyenne River

HARWOOD, N.D. (KVRR) –The spring melt has led to rising flood waters causing several roads closures across the F-M region.

Rising waters have impacted some rural rivers in Cass County.

“We have three rivers, which are all expected to crest at approximately the same time. We have the Rush, the Sheyenne River, and the Red River. The one we are watching the most closely is the Sheyenne River, it is expected to crest at 91.5. If it hits that number, it will be a half a foot from our all-time record which is 92.” says Blake Hankey, Mayor of Harwood

Those along the Sheyenne River are taking precautions ahead of a potentially record setting river crest.

“Tuesday night we got a group together of the neighbors, to kinda plan our strategic warfare against the flood we’ll say. We ordered sandbags, we have about 4,000 in the neighborhood. So, it should be enough, but we hope we don’t have to use them.” says Al Hill, Resident, Harwood

High flood waters have caused some difficulties for people along the Sheyenne River in past years.

But county officials believe they’re more prepared this year.

“We have been through it before, 97,09,19 was high water for us and even last year was fairly high. So, we have made it through every flood we have faced as a community. I think this will be no different, but we are on it. We are watching things closely. We have clay, we have sandbags, we have everything, we have some ports. We have everything we need to fight the flood; we are ready.” says Hankey

If you would like to buy sandbags from Cass County, Sandbags are being sold in bundles of 1,000 for $100.

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