Oldest Minnesotan celebrates 112th birthday

MOORHEAD, Minn. (KVRR) — Lillian Moran turned 112-years-old in March, but Eventide held off her celebration as she fought COVID-19 at the time.

She celebrated her special day singing songs with family, friends and sharing her birthday cake.

She was asked the million-dollar question; what is the secret to a long life?

“Keep breathing,” Lillian said.

Her sense of humor is still sharp as Lillian reminds her daughter-in-law of blessing her with a big family.

“She taught me how to love. I grew up kind of taking it for granted but Lillian truly loved her grandson. She truly loved her son. I never knew her husband. He died way before I entered the picture, but I think she really loved him too,” said Sandy Moran.

Sandy says Lillian has always been a hard worker and credits her for teaching others how to cook “through osmosis.”

Lillian once ran a cook car pulled by horses and followed by steam threshers.

“She lived on a farm, and she worked part-time in a general store for lack of a better term, and it was the little town of Flora. Her place was the center of attention. Every road grader that drove by. The mailman that stopped in every day for coffee. They always knew she would have good baked goods. She was a great cook,” Sandy said.

When asked if she ever thought she’d make it to 112, Lillian says she hasn’t, really.

“Never thought much about it. Just let the time fly by.”

And if you ask Lillian, she says she’s the first person born in Maddock, North Dakota.

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