Fargo Police remind public how to prevent vehicle break-ins

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — With warmer weather staying with us in the forecast, Fargo Police remind you to take care of your belongings in case of car break-ins.

“We always recommend you lock your doors. Even when it’s summer and it’s nice out and you’re just running into the gas station, lock your doors. If you absolutely have to leave something of value in your car, we recommend hiding it. Don’t leave it out in plain sight. That’s just an invitation for someone to take it,” said Fargo Police Officer Danica Musich.

Emily Olson says she had her car broken into on her driveway without any damages to her vehicle.

She believes her doors were locked as she lost her driver’s license, credit and debit cards which were hidden in her center consoles..

She says she’s just grateful to be safe with family despite losing valuable material items.

“I would just hate for this to happen to anyone. You don’t think it’s going to happen to you and then it does. Basically, a lesson learned for me. Money is going to come and go. Credit cards, I can get new ones and dispute the fraud charges but I’m just thankful nothing actually happened to myself, my husband and my kids,” she says.

The burglar made many transactions costing thousands of dollars to her name.

Olson says police have told her she may have issues identifying herself in the future because of her lost license.

The situation is a terrifying wake-up call for Olson, who moved to the neighborhood in November.

She says her and some of her neighbors’ plan to invest in security cameras.

“Just know that it can happen to you. You just feel violated. Everything was in there. My driver’s license, I had kids’ pictures that were also in the car. Like, they know me, now. They know my life. They know where I live. They know everything about me. So, I guess just be safe and be cautious,” she said.

Fargo Police say to use a garage if you have one and take everything of value with you into your home.

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