Family, Friends, Former Players and Fans Pay Tribute To Vikings Legend Bud Grant

MINNEAPOLIS (KVRR) — Former Minnesota Vikings head coach and Hall of Famer Bud Grant is remembered at a public memorial service at U.S. Bank Stadium.

The legendary coach died on March 11 at the age of 95. Various people sharing their memories about him during the service.

In a video tribute that aired during the memorial, Fran Tarkenton, former Vikings Quarterback said, “Because he didn’t sleep in the locker room, he didn’t watch film endlessly, ah he went out an hunted on Saturday before the game. He never yelled, he never screamed, he never berated but he was a great, great leader and a great, great coach and I was privileged to play for him. If you could not play for Bud Grant, you could not play.”

Grants son, Mike Grant, said, “We truly did share our dad with the people of northwest Wisconsin. Gordon, Wisconsin and that area was his playground for over 80 years. It’s hard to imagine a Super Bowl coach of today relishing and driving around jack pine country on sand roads looking for a crow to hunt.”

Current Vikings Head Coach Kevin O’Connell said, “Cause although I didn’t know Bud personally long, um, it was maybe one of the more impactful relationships that I’ve had over the past year since being blessed to become the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings and I don’t take that for granted one day.”

And Sen. Amy Klobuchar told the crowd about her dad, Jim, and his work covering the Vikings for the Minneapolis Tribune, now known as the Star Tribune.

“I think also for my dad covering those games and seeing Bud win, what was it, the number of games over 150, he took us to the Super Bowl four times, of course leading my dad to then write the book, which is sadly still relevant today coach, in 1976 called, ‘Will The Vikings Ever Win The Super Bowl?’.  But in any case, um Bud was such part of that and what was great speaking of losing or winning, is that win or lose, he would have his cool. He would keep his cool.”

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