Concordia College celebrates Mental Health Awareness Month with rally, guest speaker

MOORHEAD, Minn. (KVRR) — Tasha Schuh, the author of “The Power of Path” came to Concordia College in Moorhead to speak on the importance of removing the stigma of speaking out about mental health and the significance of community support.

She drew upon personal experience involving a tragic fall when she worked in theatre as a high schooler.

Schuh fell through a trapdoor, hitting her head on the concrete sixteen feet below.

The fall broke her neck and crushed her spinal cord which left her paralyzed from the chest down.

She lost the ability to walk and sing.

For 25 years, she has been on a wheelchair and says maintaining a positive attitude everyday is difficult but a choice anyone can make.

“There’s always hope and it’s so worth it to ask for help. So, when people put on this rally from CCRI and the community here today and do other important things with mental health, it’s so important because it reduces the stigma and reminds people there’s help available, there’s resources available,” Schuh says.

Moorhead nonprofit Creative Care for Reaching Independence and Tasha led a walk around the Olson Forum track after her speech to promote mental health awareness.

“There are people that care and reach out if you are struggling with your mental health. It’s normal. We all have a brain just like we have other body parts and we need to take care of that just like the rest of our bodies and there is help available,” said Laura Anderson, the Program Supervisor at CCRI.

“There’s always somebody that has it worse, for me. I have many friends that have higher-level spinal cord injuries than me. So, looking at their life, they always have a smile on their face. So, knowing and having a positive attitude is a choice. Yes, it takes work and it’s not easy but it is worth it and just really focusing on what we’re grateful for is a huge thing. It’s what I’ve learned in my journey. I love sharing that,” Schuh said.

For more on Tasha’s mission, click here.

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