Students turn into historical figures at Lewis and Clark Elementary School

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — Third, fourth, and fifth graders presented a Living Wax Museum of historical people at Lewis and Clark Elementary School.

This year’s theme was “Ingenious Ideas” where students picked a famous historical figure to research who impacted the world and give a thirty to forty five second presentation.

Some of the historical figures chosen were Albert Einstein, Barack Obama, and Princess Diana.

One of teachers says this was a great opportunity for students to learn about history and present to guests.

“History is fascinating, and of course we do not want to repeat ourselves when we may not have been the best on our historical records. So, it is one way to learn about our failures and our successes and a great way for them to get engaged with their learning.” says Stacey Anderson, Lewis and Clark Elementary School

She adds that she is proud of her students and the creativity in their costumes.

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