ND Gov. Doug Burgum Officially Starts 2024 Bid for President

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — Governor Doug Burgum makes it official by announcing his run for President of the United States.

“We need a leader who’s focused on three things, economy, energy and national security. That is why, today, I’m officially announcing I’m running for President of the United States of America.”

The 66-year-old Arthur native joins a long list of contenders hoping to dent former President Trump’s early lead in the 2024 GOP race.

He took multiple shots at President Biden, blaming him for inflation and national security.

Burgum says Joe Biden’s policies are not making sense.

“We’re facing very real threats with China and Joe Biden’s Green New Deal policies, they’re only going to shift our dependence from Opec to Sinopec. That makes no sense. We can go on for hours but we don’t need to. Where we come from, when something isn’t working, you stop and you try something new. That’s common sense. Joe Biden has got to go”

Burgum is running under the slogan “a new leader for a changing economy.

His first campaign ad portrays him as a rural state conservative, distinctly experienced in energy policy.

“If you want more small-town common sense in Washington and our cities, we’ll make that happen and if you think we need a Governor and business leader who understands this changing economy, I want to earn your vote.”

Burgum enacted a slate of laws this year advancing hard right conservative policies on issues targeting those looking for an abortion and the LGBT community.

Burgum’s announcement comes weeks after signing a near total abortion ban into law.
Regional Planned Parenthood says Burgum “cannot be trusted with the health and wellbeing of all people in our country.”

They add he will bring his same agenda to D.C. if given the chance.

North Dakota Democratic-NPL Chair Adam Goldwyn responded to his announcement, saying in part, “The last thing the country needs is another bored billionaire whose need for attention is greater than his commitment to the American people.”

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