Smoke Returns From Canadian Wildfires and Officials Recommend Limiting Time Outside

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality is advising residents to consider limiting time outside while smoky conditions remain.

They advise people to protect their health and keep windows and doors closed until smoke levels subside.

Inhaling fine particles can cause a variety of health effects including respiratory irritation and shortness of breath. It can also worsen medical conditions like asthma and heart disease.

This has not been the worst wildfire smoke to impact the area, on May 16-18 this year, the state was covered with smoke.

“We had that huge one on the 16th,17th, and 18th, that covered the whole state and the department for twenty-five years now and I have never seen it that bad.” says Ryan Mills, North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality

Hazy conditions were seen across the valley Wednesday and unfortunately, we aren’t expecting the smoke to move out anytime soon.

“We anticipate the smoke to remain across the region through the end of the week into the weekend. At some point early next week, we anticipate the skies will come clearer and the smoke will dissipate.” says Tommy Grafenauer, NWS Grand Forks

However, there is some good news as a cold front will swing through later this week and potentially push out some of the surface smoke.

“There is some uncertainty as to how much the smoke near the surface will remain, so there is going to be a cold front that works its way through later Thursday and into Friday, that may scour out some of the surface smoke, however the high-level smoke will remain.” says Grafenauer

He says wildfire smoke could continue on and off into July.

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