Who Needs Lemonade When You’ve Got A Lefse Stand?

DETROIT LAKES, Minn. (KVRR) — Move over lemonade stands, someone was running a lefse stand in Detroit Lakes.

A grandma and her grandchildren were selling the delicious Norwegian specialty on the side of the street off of Summit Avenue.

They are raising money for a friend to go on a mission trip.

Kathy Johnston says this means a lot to her because she is able to teach her grandchildren the art of making lefse.

“So to use the equipment that my mother-in-law gave to me, and the skills that my friend taught me. And then to teach that to my daughter and my daughter-in-law and now my grandkids, super special. And I hope it gets passed down to generations to come,” said Johnston.

There were numerous people stopping by just to grab some lefse.

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