“Justice For Junior” protest outside Norman County Courthouse

NORMAN CO., Minn. (KVRR) — Sarah Green is a mother of a child who she says was abused at school on multiple occasions.

This mother urges her community to reach out to lawmakers to make a change.

“Seclusion and restraint are fatal. I encourage people to go look at it, look at the bill, and look at the scientific stats that come along with this. More than anything this can be fatal.” says Green.

Meet Junior, a 10-year-old student who attended Norman County East School.

Junior also is non-verbal.

Despite this, he is a very sweet, outgoing boy who loves Native American Feathers.

“You know even for someone who doesn’t have special needs to be secluded is a horrible thing to go through but when you’re someone like Junior, you don’t deserve that.” says Junior’s mother.

Junior’s mother, Sarah, says that on several incidents Junior was abused by multiple school staff.

To add to this, Sarah says there is covering up going on by several people who are supposed to be mandated reporters.

“Well, my son multiple times was secluded and restrained at the school. By law we were supposed to be made aware, but I still don’t have any of those reports at all. You can still get compensated and pay for his medical bills. Well, why would they be responsible for his medical bills but not his abuse.” says Green.

Sarah addressed the Norman County Commission regarding the assault that she says happened while Junior was in school under the care of school staff.

“Even if you don’t believe these staff members should be fired, I think you should believe that these non-verbal kids that are so vulnerable at least deserve the right to not be secluded and restrained.” says Green.

This pleading mother urges you to educate yourself on restraint and seclusion in schools and make a change by contacting lawmakers.


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