Gov. Burgum speaks at Summit on Innovative Education

WEST FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — Teachers, students, and administrators from North Dakota assembled at Cheney Middle School.

Gov. Doug Burgum says West Fargo Public Schools have been leaders helping prepare students with hands-on experience.

“Some fantastic stuff going on here at Northern Cass school, where they are doing a studio approach where students work collaboratively with three teachers over a six-year period on hands-on real-world experiences.” says Gov. Doug Burgum, (R) North Dakota

Keynotes, panels, and breakout sessions focused on the theme “Building Blocks for Success.”

Things like finding quality education personnel and increasing students’ public health services were discussed during the summit.

“Last summer, West Fargo Public Schools became the first district in the state of North Dakota to dedicate a department solely to behavioral health and wellness work. Previously, this work had been done, but had been done in the silos of different departments and schools.” says Annie Richards, Director of Health and Wellness, WFPS

After the pandemic, students’ mental health and well-being were primary concerns of teachers, but educators’ well-being wasn’t prioritized.

“One of the components I was excited to speak about today was not just our learners’ needs but our educators’ needs around wellness as well. To quote Doctor Tina Bougred, unwell educators cannot support unwell learners.” says Richard

Governor Burgum says a record $2.3 billion was provided for the state general fund this year.

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