‘It just makes it that more special’: Local hops for local beer

SABIN, Minn. (KVRR) – A practice that is normally done on the west coast is paying off dividends for a Clay County farm and a local brewing company. Swing Barrel Brewing was out in Sabin, Minn., to harvest hops for their beer from the Mainline Hops Farm.

“There aren’t too many hops grown in this area big enough to give a brewing company a large enough quantity.” said John Peterson, the co-owner for the Mainline Hops Farm.

The hops go to making a specific beer. It’s named after the farm according to Swing Barrel. This collaboration was started two years ago, and the relationship continues to grow through that.

“Beer brings people together and the products that you are using now becomes a part of that. It’s just a lot of fun, great community thing.” said Sean Syverson, the co-owner of Swing Barrel Brewing.

This year was a little bit tougher for the hops due to the weather. The farm says there was still snow on the ground in early May, which had an impact. Peterson said there are many factors that impact the crops.

“Including the wind, because these hops will pick up the wind like a sail,” said Peterson. “Basically, having a good water resource because they require at least five gallons of water a day, each plant.”

Despite those circumstances, it still means a lot to those involved in the process because it’s a local farm working with a local brewing company. 

“It just makes it that more special when you’re actually brewing the product. And when you get a really, really good fine product coming out in the end.” said Syverson.

From a farm in Clay County, to a brewing company in Moorhead, talk about a local connection.

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