West Fargo watchdog group raises more questions about city spending

WEST FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — A West Fargo watchdog group is calling for more scrutiny into city financial records after claiming to have evidence of questionable business practices from a former city administrator.

The group claims Tina Fisk oversaw purchases of about $30,000 worth of promotional gifts from her husband’s business, including hats, jackets, mugs, blankets and other items.

They say the city bought the items during a six-year stretch while Fisk was the city administrator. She also served as the city’s auditor.

Fisk stepped down in the spring after being asked to resign.

The group says they’ve received information from sources, which include anonymous city employees.

“But yeah, employees have been threatened. They’ve been told if they’re found sharing information with anybody outside the city, they’d get fired,” says David Withee, a West Fargo taxpayer activist.

The City of West Fargo did not respond directly to the group’s claims. They referred us to the Cass County States Attorney’s Office report, explaining that charges would not be filed due to insufficient evidence.

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