NDSU President Dean Bresciani takes on the role of student for a day

Their goal is to create a better relationship between students and the university.

FARGO, N.D.-┬áIt originated from a concept being done in schools in the U.S. called Shadow a Student Challenge. All week 35 administrators, faculty and staff are being paired up with students for a day. They were strategically chosen to participate from a wide range of fields of study. This morning, it was President Dean Bresciani’s turn to step into the…

Fargo Woman Arrested After Striking Police Officer Outside School

Fargo police say 42-year-old Jami Streyle refused to leave the school campus.

FARGO, N.D.–A Fargo woman was arrested outside Shanley High School and Sullivan Middle School in South Fargo Thursday morning. Police say 42-year-old Jami Streyle initially refused to leave the school campus. Eventually, Streyle left, but then returned claiming she was looking for her children. When officers arrived, Streyle began to fight with them and struck an officer. The school was…