Taco Bell to Launch a Fast Food Favorite and Three New Loaded Burritos

One item of interest is the French-fry-loaded burrito that will be launched in test stores across the country in three flavors

  NATIONAL — Taco John’s may have those delicious, hot and crispy oles, but Taco Bell says they’re getting ready to launch a fast-food favorite: the French fry. Company officials say they have been teasing their customers with the possibility of French fries as an addition to their Mexican fast food products for the last couple of months with a…

Thirty Five Women Benefit Others with Burritos

Group of women prepare burritos to donate to the Ronald McDonald House

FARGO, ND — The onions are cooking, the eggs are cracking, and it’s all for a good cause. “We’re making breakfast burritos and some other burritos for basically easy to grab, reheat, frozen meals for the Ronald McDonald House,” said Casey Steele, one of the woman preparing the burritos. Thirty five women are participating in the burrito making. These women…

Chipotle Hoping to Win Back Customers with New Addition to the Menu

The burrito chain is hoping to draw new and existing customers back in good graces

  NATIONAL — Officials with Chipotle, say at least 350 stores will be offering queso and if it’s successful, will take it to all their stores in the nation. The burrito chain is hoping to draw new and existing customers back in good graces. Just last month, a Chipotle in Virginia sickened more than 100 people with a norovirus outbreak….