business capacity limits

Businesses offer incentives as they struggle to hire new employees

"It's hard to find people, with pandemic and unemployment it's just been really hard to find workers.

FARGO-MOORHEAD (KVRR) — While businesses struggled to stay afloat during the height of the pandemic, they are now faced with a shortage of employees willing to work. Many COVID-19 restrictions have eased in North Dakota and Minnesota is beginning to end some of theirs. Some businesses are hoping to better meet the needs of their customers, but due to a…

Gov. Walz eases COVID-19 restrictions

"For our local businesses the pandemic has been a really long road and it's finally nice to see some light at the end of the tunnel."

MINNESOTA (KVRR)  -A decrease in case numbers and increase in vaccinations is leading Governor Tim Walz to update Minnesota’s COVID-19 mitigation measures. Governor Tim Walz is giving Minnesotans a sigh of relief as he further eases restrictions for the state to reach normalcy a year after the pandemic began. “It was a year ago today that we declared a state…