Civic Plaza

Sodbuster is Headed to a New Location after Being Restored

The iconic statue will be placed on the new Fargo Civic Plaza

FARGO, N.D. – Sodbuster is back. The sculpture  stood at Main Avenue and Broadway in downtown Fargo for 20 years. The 24–ft. long, 1,300 pound figure is valued at $500,000. Sodbuster was placed in storage in 2002 because of weather damage. Cracks had also formed as a result of train traffic. It was restored in Ohio.   Categories: Community, Local…

Downtown Fargo Begins Plans for Civic Plaza

The Plaza will be located in the area between the Public Library, City Hall and The Civic Center

FARGO, N.D. — There will be major changes coming to downtown Fargo in an effort to better connect parts of the community. “We have the opportunity not just to create a civic plaza which is really kind of it’s own type,” Principal designer of Bishop Land Design, Scott Bishop said. “But also it’s a way to connect several important open spaces….