COVID-19 guidelines

People Express Concerns over Governor Burgum’s Reduced COVID-19 Restrictions

"I don't think we're there as in terms of not wearing masks yet."

  FARGO, N.D.  — After North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum announced reduced restrictions for businesses and the halt of the statewide mask mandate, some people in the community are unsure whether or not we are ready to move forward. “The statewide mask mandate to expire at 8 am January 18th,” Gov. Doug Burgum said. As COVID-19 cases are reduced with…

Ninja warriors compete in Four Star Ninja Academy obstacle competition

"It's really a way to get people in the door to experience what a ninja competition would feel like."

FARGO, N.D. — A warrior-style training facility is giving athletes of all ages the chance to compete in a one-of-a-kind obstacle course. The Four Star Ninja Academy gives young athletes the chance to showcase their skills on balance, agility and endurance all while promoting a healthier lifestyle. “We really wanted to inspire kids’ fitness because the one thing we didn’t…