14 arrested at Minneapolis protest against police brutality

Protesters blocked intersections, spray-painted storefronts and threw signs in the streets

MINNEAPOLIS – Police say 14 people were arrested after a few dozen protesters demonstrated against police in Minneapolis. Protesters blocked intersections in the Uptown neighborhood Tuesday night, spray-painted storefronts, shot off firecrackers and threw traffic signs and debris into the streets. Authorities say fires were seen that appear to have been set by the group. As officers approached, some demonstrators…

Be a Lifesaver: F-M Ambulance Hosting ‘Save a Life’

F-M Ambulance Service is giving CPR lessons in the Valley

MOORHEAD, Minn. — CPR is something that may come in handy when we least expect it and F-M Ambulance Service is teaching the correct way to perform it. F-M Ambulance is holding their annual ‘Save a Life’ on Saturday at Moorhead Center Mall giving demonstrations on CPR. In the meantime, service members have been going around to multiple groups and…