Be a Lifesaver: F-M Ambulance Hosting ‘Save a Life’

F-M Ambulance Service is giving CPR lessons in the Valley

MOORHEAD, Minn. — CPR is something that may come in handy when we least expect it and F-M Ambulance Service is teaching the correct way to perform it.

F-M Ambulance is holding their annual ‘Save a Life’ on Saturday at Moorhead Center Mall giving demonstrations on CPR.

In the meantime, service members have been going around to multiple groups and organizations in the valley giving hands on lessons.

Lake Agassiz Kiwanis, a club committed to improving the lives of children in the Fargo community, took on learning the basic skills.

“CPR, you never know when you’re going to need to use it or who you’re going to use it on. About 80% of the cardiac arrests happen in somebodies house and so most likely, it’ll be a family member and unfortunately in our area there’s only about 33% of the people that go into cardiac arrest that get CPR,” said F-M Ambulance Service Outreach Coordinator, Kristi Engelstad.

F-M Ambulance Service says if you’re interested in having a CPR lesson, reach out to them and they’ll gladly teach a course.

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