disaster assistance

Sen. Hoeven Meets With Ag Leaders & Rural Businesses on Payments & Exports

Some of the topics he covered were disaster assistance and export opportunities.

FARGO, N.D.- Senator Hoeven says  it’s been a difficult year for farmers with low prices and severe weather damaging crops. “We’re helping with the market facilitation payment which now for North Dakota has been over a billion dollars. And now, we’re working on the disaster assistance piece both for our sugar producers, and I think we’re getting closer to getting…

Senator Hoeven Discusses Additional Assistance For Farmers

One of the provisions is to make sure sugar producers are covered, and it lays out an approach to cover them

FARGO, N.D.- Senator Hoeven met with AG leaders, producers and F-S-A officials to examine the disaster assistance, market facilitation payment and the trade agreement. They were provided an additional 1.5 billion dollars in disaster assistance and added additional provisions that are vital for growers. “We’ve got to work with FSA, Farm Service Agency, USDA Department of Agriculture and come up…