Menard Inc. Wants Injury Lawsuit Dismissed

A customer was hit by one of the boxes in 2014 and suffered injuries to her left arm and shoulder

  RAPID CITY, S.D. — Menard Inc. says it’s not liable in a lawsuit brought by a customer injured by a falling box at the Rapid City store. Donna Ferrigno says she suffered permanent injuries because Menard’s employees were negligently stocking shelves with a forklift and toppled several boxes into a toy aisle. She was hit by one of the…

Judge Won’t Dismiss Charges Against McKenzie County Sheriff

Schwartzenberger later paid for the charges but a criminal affidavit alleges they were made in violation of a county policy

  MCKENZIE COUNTY, N.D. — A judge has declined to dismiss criminal charges against the McKenzie County sheriff accused of misusing his office credit card. The judge didn’t offer a reason for the decision. Sheriff Gary Schwartzenberger is accused of making excessive charges during the 2015 Western State’s Sheriff’s Association Annual Conference in Las Vegas. Schwartzenberger later paid for the…