drug use

Red Ribbon Week brings awareness to growing drug problem among local youth

City Officials, Health Officials, and Law Enforcement are all working together to put a stop to the rise of the presence of fentanyl in our community and especially the impact that it’s having on our youth.

Fargo, N.D. (KVRR)- Counterfeit pills A growing problem among the youth in our community Brandon Blakney takes us inside the Red Ribbon Week discussion. Junior Highschool, seventh grade, eight grade, all the way up from High School through college, are falling victim to counterfeit pills overdose deaths.” Said Assistant Special Agent on drug enforcement Angela Von Trytek. City Officials, Health…

Three People Arrested on Burglary and Drug Charges

A property owner saw the three on his property and followed their car until deputies and the Highway Patrol caught up to them.

Valley City, N.D.– Three people from Horace are behind bars in Fargo after a Cass County farm burglary over the weekend. 28-year-old Morgan Gebro, 38-year-old Travis Lauckner and 46-year-old Caroline Lauckner were found on farm property near Buffalo and the landowner followed them until authorities stopped them. Gebro and Caroline Lauckner face a felony burglary charge while Travis Lauckner faces…