Kids Stay Sharp with Summer Math Camp

The math camp at Haley's Hope focuses on working with kids with dyslexia

WEST FARGO, N.D.–Kids are keeping their thinking caps on this summer with a math camp to stay sharp. Haley’s Hope, a learning center focused on kids with dyslexia, is taking the next two weeks to work closely on math skills. The camp is divided into a morning and an afternoon session depending on age and need. The first day focused…

Community Takes Swing at Virtual Golf to Support Those with Dyslexia

This was the biggest fundraising event so far for Haley's Hope, a dyslexia learning center

FARGO, N.D. — The community came together to take a swing at some virtual golf and raise money for Haley’s Hope, a dyslexia learning center. This was the biggest event so far for Haley’s Hope, bringing together many people who support the cause at a virtual indoor golf course. The organization has helped hundreds of people over the past seven…