Field of Beers Offers Over a Hundred Flavors to Try

Organizers say the location makes the event unique

FARGO, N.D. — Whether you consider yourself a beer connoisseur or just like trying new flavors, the Field of Beers at Newman Outdoor Field is the event for you. Red Hodgerson and Dave Helm are often at beer events around town. “I’ve gotten enough into beer now where I’m like,’yes, I would like to go spend an afternoon trying out different…

Get Ready to Vote for the New Oreo Flavor

The new flavors will be available and open to voting by May

  NATIONAL — Three finalists have been named in Nabisco’s “My Oreo Creation” contest and you’ll have a chance to vote on which one you think should stick around for good. Pina Colada, Cherry Cola and Kettle Corn are the top three contenders. The Pina Colada Oreo is described by Nabisco as having a pineapple-coconut crème filling. The Cherry Cola…

The Only Wild Grape Vineyard in the Country is Right Here in North Dakota

This is the only wild grape vineyard in America...and it's right here in North Dakota

KINDRED, ND — It is harvest season in North Dakota and there are tons of corn and soybeans ready to eat. But those are not the only crops that are ripe for the picking. “Get a clippers in their hand, it’s really simple,” said Jason Kesselring, who is the vineyard manager. “You know, you just go one plant, in the…