Field of Beers Offers Over a Hundred Flavors to Try

Organizers say the location makes the event unique

FARGO, N.D. — Whether you consider yourself a beer connoisseur or just like trying new flavors, the Field of Beers at Newman Outdoor Field is the event for you.

Red Hodgerson and Dave Helm are often at beer events around town.

“I’ve gotten enough into beer now where I’m like,’yes, I would like to go spend an afternoon trying out different beers,'” Helm said.

They and there friends actually have a whole system down.

“We’ve got five of us, and we’re going to go down the line and everyone gets a sample. We share across so we don’t all have to try like three ounces each… then we’ll go back and try the ones we really like again,” Helm said.

People out on the field say it’s certainly a great backdrop for taste-testing.

“With the Redhawks playing from May to September, it was another event to have fun outside, to have something to do before winter hits,” Chad Ekren, director of communication for the F-M Redhawks, said.

“I think being out on the field and being outside is a huge part, especially in the summertime everyone wants to soak up the sun and have a lot more fun than being inside,” Shelby Strei, a Field of Beers attendee, said.

Fargo–Moorhead has plenty of beer events popping up, but organizers say this one is different because it takes place right on the baseball field.

“The biggest thing is the field, being on the field. Other festivals are held at indoor venues and whatnot, this is really the only one around here that’s outdoors,” Ekren said.

“I like the layout here the best because you can see all the vendors at one time. It’s very open to see where the lines are at,” Hodgerson said.

Austin Schoon, another attendee, says he’s willing to try some unique flavors.

“There’s a jalapeno bubblegum that I heard about, and it sounds kind of intimidating but I do want to try that one,” he said.

There were 40 vendors at the Field of Beers offering over a hundred different flavors.

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