The F-M RedHawks and KFGO Host A Drive Thru Ballpark Lunch For The Community

The free "lineup lunch" meal included hot dog, chips, and a drink.

FARGO, N.D. – Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks and KFGO host a drive thru ballpark lunch outside Newman Outdoor Field. They wanted to give back to the community who has endured a lot during these last couple of months. The free lineup lunch meal included hot dog, chips, and a drink. Safety precautions remained in place at all times, and people were asked…

People Get Immersed in All Things German at Kulturfest

There was food, entertainment, and a market

MOORHEAD, Minn. — It’s styled like the many Oktoberfest celebrations held in Germany: Kulturfest is the place to be to immerse yourself in all things German. Kulturfest gives people a chance to experience German food, drink, and entertainment. The menu includes classics like bratwurst, and there’s even a selection of wines and cheeses. There’s also German market where people showcase…

Field of Beers Offers Over a Hundred Flavors to Try

Organizers say the location makes the event unique

FARGO, N.D. — Whether you consider yourself a beer connoisseur or just like trying new flavors, the Field of Beers at Newman Outdoor Field is the event for you. Red Hodgerson and Dave Helm are often at beer events around town. “I’ve gotten enough into beer now where I’m like,’yes, I would like to go spend an afternoon trying out different…

Make it to the Table: Practice Smart Driving this Holiday Weekend

When it comes to the biggest feast of the year, we can all be a little eager to get to the dinner table on time

MOORHEAD, Minn. — The day before Thanksgiving is what many law enforcement agencies refer to as “Blackout Wednesday” due to an increase in drunk driving crashes. The four–day holiday period is considered by the Minnesota State Patrol as some of the busiest times to be on the road. “The night before Thanksgiving becomes a very big party night,” said Sgt….

Starbucks Unveils Zombie Frappuccino for Halloween

The Zombie Frappuccino is here

  NATIONAL — If you went bananas over Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappuccino, then wait until you get a load of their special drink for Halloween. The Zombie Frappuccino is here. It’s made of tart apple and caramel flavored Frappuccino crème and topped with red mocha drizzle and pink whipped cream, that looks like a fluffy brain. The flavor is inspired by…

McDonald’s Happy Meals About to Get More Health Happy

The restaurant chain is once again dropping one of its products and swapping it for a lower-calorie option

  NATIONAL — McDonald’s is hoping to bring happy smiles to parents and children with their new addition to their famous Happy Meals. The company is dropping the Minute Maid apple juice box from the meal and replacing it with “Appley Ever After” from Honest Kids. The juice box actually has more water than juice, with the apple fruit juice…

Sharing a Pint with Your Best Furry Friend for a Good Cause

Dog owners and their pets were invited to Flatland Brewery to help support 4 Luv of Dog Rescue

WEST FARGO, ND — The community got to enjoy their favorite pint and pup at Flatland Brewery in West Fargo. Pup up Patio is a part of Flatland Brewery’s giving program, Community Pints. This afternoon, they invited everyone to bring their dogs to socialize while their owners shared a drink. Owners said it’s the perfect opportunity to support 4 Luv…

Starbucks Unveils New Horchata Frappuccino

Horchata is a milk drink made popular in Mexico and Central America and it is spiced with cinnamon and vanilla

  NATIONAL — If you missed out on Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappuccino, then you’ll want to make sure to check out their new creation. Starbucks has begun selling their Horchata Almond Milk Frappuccino in their shops across the country and Canada. Horchata is a milk drink made popular in Mexico and Central America and it is spiced with cinnamon and vanilla….

Red River Zoo’s “Zoo Brew 2017” a Success!

Local breweries had some of their newest and most popular beers on tap for people to sample

  FARGO, ND — Lions, tigers, and beers…Oh my! The Red River Zoo is holding its second annual Zoo Brew, giving people the chance to drink some beers while exploring and checking out some animals. Local breweries had some of their newest and most popular beers on tap for people to sample. Visitors could also feed camels and take selfies…

Weeks After Retiring from the Fargo Police Department, K9 Earl Passes Away

Earl was a partner to Sgt. George Vinson

FARGO, ND — K9 Earl has died. The Fargo canine officer suffered a throat injury shortly after he retired last month after 10 years on the job. A growth formed in the back of his throat, making it difficult for Earl to eat, drink and breathe. Earl was a partner to Sgt. George Vinson. The department says the family made…