food shortage

Great Plains Food Bank fears shortages amidst inflation

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – With eggs, chicken and ground beef prices rising due to inflation, Great Plains Food Bank is starting to feel its effects. Operators say food prices increased about 12 percent in the last year and they expect prices to remain at a high level. The food bank is not seeing as many food and financial donations as…

Local Grocers Not Alarmed By Food Plant Closures

A front page ad in major publications has many people around the nation panicking about a potential food shortage.

FARGO, N.D. – Our food supply chain is strained, and the coronavirus was to blame. That’s according to full page ads bought by Tyson Foods in three major publications. They state that the supply chain has been broken, and consumers would suffer because of it. But local grocers say that in our neck of the woods, consumers won’t go hungry….

Coronavirus Pandemic Prompting People To Grow Their Own Food

Michelle Casias created a group on Facebook called Garden Swap and Community Garden of Fargo and West Fargo

FARGO/WEST FARGO-, Michelle Casias of Fargo says she decided to grow a vegetable garden in her home in case there is ever a food shortage due to COVID-19. “I decided that I would grow a garden because we’re finding in my work related job that there’s going to be some food shortages, so I wanted to prepare for my family,”…