Coronavirus Pandemic Prompting People To Grow Their Own Food

Michelle Casias created a group on Facebook called Garden Swap and Community Garden of Fargo and West Fargo

FARGO/WEST FARGO-, Michelle Casias of Fargo says she decided to grow a vegetable garden in her home in case there is ever a food shortage due to COVID-19.

“I decided that I would grow a garden because we’re finding in my work related job that there’s going to be some food shortages, so I wanted to prepare for my family,” she says.

She says it’s imposible for her to grow every vegetable in her home, so she decided to create a vegetable gardening group on Facebook.

“The community garden is for all of us to come together. It would be really great in the future that I could always plan on Shelly B. Always growing cantaloupe, and I know that she’ll always have cantaloupe, so I can come to her to get cantaloupe or that we can all start to trade together and we can all have fresh food and we don’t have to worry about if there’s going to be a recall on lettuce and we all can’t eat lettuce for a while,” Casias says.

Cassias also adds that growing your own food has many health benefits.

“Food usually tastes better if you grow it here in season, all other foods that are imported may be growing out of season, so you’ll find that they don’t taste as if they were growing in your own garden. A second reason would be that you can control the pesticide and the herbicide that you use in your garden, if you’re concerned about that kind of thing,” she adds.

She says it’s something everyone in the community can benefit from.

“There’s so many things that could happen. Especially in a recession, it could be short food supply, it could be the hyperinflation, that maybe food will become too expensive, there’s many different reasons and I hope this community can grow and we can all benefit,” she adds.

She also adds that growing your own food can provide an income for those individuals who have lost their jobs.

Here is the link to join the community garden group.

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