Remains of a Missing Minnesota WWII Veteran Found 70-Plus Years Later

A DNA lab in Nebraska confirmed the identification

ROSEMOUNT, MinnĀ — The remains of a Minnesota veteran were found and identified more than 70 years after he went missing during World War II. An amateur historian found four numbers stitched to the clothes of a body while researching World War II records. The numbers matched up with Army Staff Sgt. Gerald Jacobsen. The Defense Department exhumed the body from…

Memorial Day: Minnesota’s Ft. Snelling Ceremony One of the Largest in the State

Many of the graves have flags placed in front of them

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — People in the Twin Cities came together to remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. The Memorial Day services at Fort Snelling draws some of the largest crowds in the state. Many of the graves have flags placed in front of them. There are 40,000 flags in all. The services began with a parade through the grounds…