Francie Black

App Of The Week: Noovie

Hold on to your popcorn, because your movie experience just got a whole lot better!

  Hold on to your popcorn, because your movie experience just got a whole lot better! Movie audiences nationwide can play big screen interactive augmented reality (AR) games on their mobile phones by using the new Noovie Arcade app, Download the app and arrive at the theater about 25 minutes early for the pre-show viewing. When prompted aim your phone…

Tech Tip Today: Google Advanced Search

Get more bang for your Google buck with these tips

  Google search is a fabulous service but sometimes it can be challenging to find exactly what you are looking for. If you want to narrow down your search results, try using Google’s Advanced Search feature, which is hidden in the bottom right corner under Settings. Here you can find pages that match specific search criteria. For example, Find pages…

App Of The Week: JRNL

JRNL Makes Writing A Journal Simple

  Personal journaling is a method of saving thoughts for self-reflection and growth. Using an app to journal allows you to capture those thoughts whenever they happen. JRNL app is simple & unique. The About Me section records specific insights.  Answer question about your family, education, and growing up. You can record things like “share valuable advice your father gave…

App of the Week: Adobe Spark

We do a lot of video editing here at KVRR. Here's an app that lets you join in the fun.

Video editing is just as much fun as it looks, and now you can put edited video stories together on your phone. Francie Black introduces us to an app that lets you add music, themes, sound and more to your video clips to make them worth sharing with anyone who wants the big scoop on your life.   Categories: Morning…

App of the Week

Meet friends, make connections in your region with this app.

Francie Black gives us the scoop on an app that lets you forge connections, make business contacts, make friends with similar interests and more in this App of the Week. Categories: Morning – Features Tags: app of the week, Francie Black, smartphone