Freedom Resource Center

Fargo Resource Center celebrates 30 years

FARGO N.D A Fargo resource center celebrates a special occasion getting the whole community involved. The Freedom Resource Center for Independent Living is being honored for its 30 years of service. The center held a special ribbon cutting ceremony to commemorate the accomplishment, But services don’t just stop in Fargo. The organization has also expanded its services by opening up…

Disability Rights Organizations Remind Community to Clear Sidewalks for Pedestrians

FARGO, N.D. —¬†As we all try to continue getting through this winter, disability rights organizations are reminding homeowners to keep their sidewalks clear for everyone. Accessibility specialists say keeping snow off the sidewalks is especially important for people with disabilities because it’s forcing them to walk in the streets. They say the city has done a great job cleaning up…

People with Disabilities Want Residents, Businesses to Clear Icy Sidewalks

One group calls on residents and businesses to diligently remove snow from public surfaces

FARGO, N.D. —¬†People with disabilities across the metro are having a tougher time getting from place to place in the winter. For Carey McWilliams, walking down the street during the winter could be a challenge. “Snow is kind of the blind person’s fog, it gets rid of any lines to the ground you might have that you can navigate from….