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Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Investigators Welcome at Bonanzaville

Some staff members said they really think the property is haunted

WEST FARGO, ND — Bonanzaville is calling on all ghost hunters and paranormal investigators to come take a look at some of their properties and check to see if it’s haunted. Throughout the month of October, Bonanzaville is hosting paranormal investigations through some of their buildings. They are supplying electromagnetic frequency meters and a spirit box, but you’re also welcome…

LIVE: Paranormal Investigations

KVRR's Jackie Kelly Checks Out Bonanzaville's Paranormal Investigations

KVRR’s Jackie Kelly travels to Bonanzaville to learn more about their paranormal investigations. If you’re brave and want to try it out for yourself, click here. Categories: Morning – Features, Morning – In The Community Tags: Bonanzaville, ghost, ghost hunting, Paranormal Investigations