Ice Palace

Volunteers Working On Ice Palace For Polar Fest in Detroit Lakes

The Building Blocks Are 500 pound Ice Blocks Harvested From Detroit Lake

DETROIT LAKES, Minn. — The sounds of cranes grabbing, hammers hammering and chainsaws sawing into tons of ice. It’s all a part of the preparation for one of the biggest winter events in Lakes Country: Polar Fest. The building blocks used for this ice castle and all the other decorations for the festival are these 500 pound ice blocks that…

Lights Are Turned On Inside Detroit Lakes Ice Palace

First One Constructed In Town Since 1971

DETROIT LAKES, Minn — Detroit Lakes just completed the first ice harvest they’ve had in more than 50 years. All that ice was used to create a 24-foot-tall ice palace. Detroit Lakes has been turned completely into a scene right out of the movie Frozen between the cold weather and the ice palace that is now lit up tonight. The…

Workers Continue To Work On Ice Palace

Workers Are Finishing Up The Crafting Of The Ice Palace In Detroit Lakes

Workers in Detroit Lakes are finishing up the crafting of the Ice Palace. The palace is being constructed using ice that was harvested in Detroit Lakes. The crafting began in early January under the direction of artist Hans Gilsdorf. It is expected to be completed with lights and music by February 8th . The viewing will run through February 19th….