Lights Are Turned On Inside Detroit Lakes Ice Palace

First One Constructed In Town Since 1971

DETROIT LAKES, Minn — Detroit Lakes just completed the first ice harvest they’ve had in more than 50 years.

All that ice was used to create a 24-foot-tall ice palace.

Detroit Lakes has been turned completely into a scene right out of the movie Frozen between the cold weather and the ice palace that is now lit up tonight.

The project was created by the Detroit Lakes community for the Detroit Lakes community. More than 1,100 blocks of ice weighing in each at 900 pounds were used to build the 24-foot-tall by 30-foot-wide palace. The ice palace was built to commemorate the first ice harvest in town since 1971. Both the artist behind the palace’s design and passerbys agree it’s created a huge sense of pride in the town’s history.

Ice Palace Artist Hans Gilsdorf said, “For me personally, it’s such a huge amount of pride for the amount of people and the city of Detroit Lakes that have stepped forward to make this a success and the whole event that it’s really become. And to then turn around as a group and see the people coming down to see it, it’s so rewarding. We’re just tickled.”

“Oh my gosh, we’ve been waiting for this for the longest time,” said Rhonda Fode of Detroit Lakes. “We drive by here for work and we’ve seen that they’ve been setting it up and there’s been a lot of time put in. It’s just nice to celebrate the cold even though it stinks, to have some fun like this.”

The ice palace will remain open at no charge through February 19.

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