Doctors Told Her it was Crohn’s Disease; Six Years Later, She Finds Out They Were Wrong

Surgeons found the cause of her pain was two pieces of a Heinz sauce packet in the lining of her intestine

  INTERNATIONAL — Six years ago, a woman from the U.K. went to the doctor for her stomach ache and bloating issues. The British Medical Journal says doctors diagnosed her with Crohn’s disease, an incurable inflammation of the bowels. When the 41-year-old ended up in the hospital again due to her symptoms, doctors performed what is called a “keyhole,” or…

Doctors Discover Wire in Intestine of Australian Woman 10 Years After Braces Were Removed

Doctors say it's likely the woman swallowed it without knowing, where it stayed until they removed it by surgery

  AUSTRALIA — An Australian woman, who showed up to the emergency department complaining of severe stomach pain, got the surprise of a lifetime. The 30-year-old woman was examined by doctors, who found a dental wire from the woman’s braces, which had been removed 10 years prior. The wire, which measured seven centimeters in length, had punctured several holes in…