8-year-old Girl and Neighbor Save Mother’s Life After Heart Attack

They were presented with awareds from FM Ambulance and Fargo Fire Department

FARGO, N.D. — An 8–year–old girl and her neighbor are honored for saving her mom’s life after a heart attack. On Nov. 25,  8–year–old Sloan Stoltz  showed up to her neighbor Mark Donarski’s house looking distraught. “She was trembling, shaking, and she was holding a phone and said, ‘Mark, can you come help Mom. I can’t wake her up.’ I…

Five People Receive Lifesaving Awards From F-M Ambulance

They stressed the importance of knowing CPR

FARGO, N.D. — Five citizens are considered heroes after they saved a woman’s life. They received lifesaving awards from F–M Ambulance. Kay Zirnhelt was shopping at Target one day when she suddenly collapsed. “I wanted to look a new bubbly water because I heard they had little sayings on the lids. I reached up to look at it and got dizzy…