Five People Receive Lifesaving Awards From F-M Ambulance

They stressed the importance of knowing CPR

FARGO, N.D. — Five citizens are considered heroes after they saved a woman’s life. They received lifesaving awards from F–M Ambulance.

Kay Zirnhelt was shopping at Target one day when she suddenly collapsed.

“I wanted to look a new bubbly water because I heard they had little sayings on the lids. I reached up to look at it and got dizzy and down I went. That’s the last thing I remember until I woke up in the ICU,” she said.

During that time, two shoppers immediately started CPR, while another found an off–duty paramedic who was shopping with his wife.

They continued CPR until EMS arrived.

“I just threw everything off to the side and asked ‘what can I do?’ There were already some people that had responded. I joined in on the CPR. Everyone worked together. I gave breaths and someone else gave chest compressions,” said Emily Harrison, a shopper at the scene.

The people who received awards say it’s important to be trained in CPR, especially in unexpected situations.

“Minutes and time are really important in a situation like that. I’m really glad that everyone— that enough people responded that were trained in what to do because time was precious in those moments,” Harrison said.

Even Zirnhelt says she wants to pay it forward and learn CPR herself.

“I’m going to be working on getting CPR, at least some basics of it anyway. Any help is worth it,” she said.

“I’m glad she’s okay. I’m glad that everyone worked together and that everyone had the training. That was just crucial that everyone is trained in CPR,” Harrison said.

“Every day is a blessed day. It’s a bonus. It’s a bonus I couldn’t have had if they hadn’t stepped in to help,” Zirnhelt said.

If you would like to become CPR–certified, places like F–M ambulance, Sanford, and YMCA offer classes.

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