Church Food Bank Helps Families In Need From Coronavirus

The Church Is Always Looking For More Volunteers

FARGO, N.D. — Fargo Faith United Methodist Church Food Bank is working full time to accommodate for the increase of people needing food because of the coronavirus. Drivers lined up in the parking lot to have the food put into their vehicles to limit any potential spread of the virus. Workers inside the building loaded up boxes filled with various…

Lutherans and Catholics Discuss How to Unite Churches

The 50 Year Conversation of Unification Between Churches Continues in Western Minnesota and Eastern North Dakota

FARGO, N.D. — The 50 year discussion continues¬†on ways to unite Lutherans and Catholics. Four spiritual leaders who represent more than 200,000¬†Lutherans and Catholics in Western Minnesota and Eastern North Dakota talked about the progress they have made in unification. The leaders shared the five commitments they developed together, which include not focusing on their division, but instead looking at…

LSS of North Dakota Feels Impact of Executive Immigration Order

Three refugees from Iraq hoping to resettle in North Dakota are one example of those affected by the immigration order.

Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota says the impact of President Trump signing the executive order on immigration came immediately. It has stopped dozens of people from coming to the state. Any state that welcomes refugees was expected to see an impact after President Trump’s executive order. But the pace of the change of plans is what hit staff at…