The Biz: Retirement, Airlines, Contraception App Oops and Ordering Off of the Harry Potter Secret Menu at Starbucks

You have to know the magic and order them that way

NATIONAL — If you’re looking to retire in 2018 then you may not have to go far to find the best place to live. According to a new report from, one of the top five states in the U.S. to retire this year is South Dakota. The report states the findings are based on affordability, quality of life and…

Miss the Bison Turf? Here’s Where You Can Get a Taste of the Menu

Bison Turf will be at Twist again on January 21st and 28th

FARGO, ND — Fans of the old Bison Turf could enjoy some of their favorite foods at a pop up restaurant. The bar was heavily damaged by fire in 2016 and has yet to reā€“open. Customers were invited to Twist in downtown Fargo for some Turf favorites including a blue bomber, a Turf burger, or they could get their old…

Starbucks Shuts Down Rumors of Illegal Immigrant-Only Discounts

Starbucks officials say the advertising is false and "100 percent fake."

NATIONAL — Starbucks is asking everyone to shut down rumors of advertised discounts at their shops for illegal immigrants. Online advertisements stated August 11th is “Starbucks Dreamer Day” and Starbucks shops across the country would give 40 percent off of any menu item if a customer was an undocumented American. The fake ads include the #boarderfreecoffee. Starbucks officials say the…