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Social Distancing: State Park Shutdown Looming

Minnesota State Parks Could Be Closed Just 1st If Budget Deal Isn't Reached

  Camping and outdoor activities exploded in popularity during the pandemic. RV’s. Campgrounds. Boats. All are at a premium right now as while we’re still technically in a pandemic. But some of the most beautiful outdoor recreation areas in our region might soon be off limits thanks to some dug-in politicians in St. Paul. Here is one of my favorite…

Social Distancing: Geocaching Hunt Through MN State Parks

You Can Hunt For Geocaching Spots At Every MN State Park

  I know it’s getting colder, but just put on a coat for this social distancing idea. I checked out Buffalo River State Park over the weekend. The fall colors are a bit past peak, but still beautiful. All of the trails are lined with leaves. But aside from the natural beauty, I stumbled upon a┬ámysterious box. I had to…